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Dick Lee found shooting Wonder Boy difficult

First-time director Dick Lee had a difficult time filming his new biopic film, Wonder Boy, as he was painfully reminded of his rebellious teenage past.

The 60-year-old singer-songwriter said he had to take breaks when shooting certain scenes because it reminded him how much of a "monster" he was to his family.

He even had to tell singer-actor Benjamin Kheng - who portrays him in the movie, which opens here tomorrow - to dial up the meanness.

"I hurt my family, and I needed to tell Ben, who was a bit cautious, 'No, go all out. I was worse than that.'

"So it was hard for me to push him to be more violent and horrible to his family," Lee said at a press conference for Wonder Boy yesterday.

This was made more difficult for Lee because his mother died in 2015, just a year before filming.

Lee said to local actress Constance Song, who plays his mother: "Every time I looked at you it was very hard for me. It was still very raw.

"I want you to be exactly like her but at the same time I could not bear to see it." - THE STRAITS TIMES

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