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Host-actress Belinda Lee is not retiring though she has not been on TV in recent years

Home-grown television host and actress Belinda Lee has told the local media that she is not retiring and hopes to return to the small screen soon.

Lee, who has not appeared on television for some time, said in an interview with Chinese-language evening daily Shin Min Daily News that she is neither semi-retired nor fading out of the entertainment industry.

“Although I am married and have a happy marriage, I still love my job very much and look forward to offers of meaningful projects,” the 45-year-old said. “I hope colleagues, producers, directors and viewers will not forget about me.”

In addition to filming commercials now, she is involved in social work. She is also giving back to society with inspirational lectures in schools.

Lee, who married American architect David Moore in October 2019, will be celebrating her fourth wedding anniversary this year.

She has been sharing sweet photos of them together on social media, and says they keep their marriage fresh through mutual respect, understanding and support.

Admitting that she had experienced difficult relationships in the past, she said: “Both of us manage this relationship well together as we have a common goal.”

She added: “This is also the first time I feel such selfless love, and it is really the greatest blessing in my life that I have married him.”

Lee feels that Moore is a perfect husband as he always prioritises his wife over his career.

They communicate each time there is a disagreement, she added, and will look at the situation from the other person’s perspective.

She also said there are no big cultural differences in their lives even though he is American.

“He has lived in Singapore for more than 20 years and has almost become half-Singaporean,” she said. “His taste buds are also very ‘Asian’, although he still misses hamburgers and Mexican food very much occasionally.”