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'I'm older than their parents': DJ Dennis Chew on his younger poly coursemates

It’s been two weeks since local deejay Dennis Chew began his term at Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) as a full-time student.

Chew, who is pursuing a diploma in Chinese Media and Communication, shared this decision to go back to school on stage while receiving the All-Time Favourite Artiste award at Star Awards on April 24.

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, the 49-year-old shared his thoughts about being a mature student amid much younger schoolmates, as well as juggling work.

With his classmates aged between 17 and 22 years, it didn't take long for Chew to realise he might be older than some of their parents. 

Despite the obvious generational differences, Chew said he was heartened when one of his classmates told him that they both identify as students, and so Chew would not be regarded as an "older person".

Besides, his new classmates, it seems, aren’t really interested in local showbiz gossip. 

They mostly watch Mainland Chinese and Korean television series, and selected local shows, Chew said.

Fulfilling his dream of going back to school has come at a cost. 

Chew's income has been significantly reduced since he is spending less time at work as a radio deejay.

He has also missed out on two variety shows, and suffered a "painful loss" of a movie contract.

Still, his mother is supportive and views his studies as a "good thing", he said. As long as he continues to contribute to the family expenses, Chew added with a laugh.


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In the classroom, Chew said he’s unafraid to ask questions. His only concern is working on a computer.

While he’s of course familiar with using the computer, he admitted that he needed some time to get used to using it for schoolwork, drawing, editing, and writing essays.

His courses this semester include Chinese and English essay writing, photography, and media studies.

Once, Chew was mistaken for a "guest lecturer", and had to clarify that he was there to learn, and that his young classmates were actually his school seniors.

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