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No thanks for the memories but Joakim Gomez is doing fine now

Joakim Gomez is a successful radio DJ now, hosting The Shock Circuit on 987FM with Sonia Chew.

But in 2006, he was trying to make it as a singer. And it was a time he may prefer to forget.

Now a TikTok user has put out a reminder.

Gomez appeared on the TV talent show Singapore Idol that year, and was roasted by judge Ken Lim, executive director of Hype Records.

The contest made singers like Taufik Batisah, Hady Mirza, Sezairi Sezali and Tabitha Nauser household names here.

But some contestants also came in for merciless criticism from Lim, who seemed to be doing a local version of the tough American Idol judge Simon Cowell, known for his razor-sharp reactions.

Gomez was just 17 then, and had his fans. But Lim is shown telling them: "You guys are worshipping the wrong idol."

He finds the performance “beyond hope” and warns that it could end up a joke.

Still, the joke may be on Lim now, because the user put up the video asking whether anyone remembers the judge, and many who watched it left messages supporting Gomez.

Some also felt Gomez had made the right move in going into what he does now. He responded briefly, saying: “Dark time in my life.”

Watch the clip here:


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