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Once labelled an 'easy girl' because of her lifestyle, actress Lina Ng has no regrets

In her youth, local actress Lina Ng had a fair share of late nights, parties and clubbing. 

And while those activities don’t necessarily constitute being a bad person, unsavoury rumours abound about her being an “easy girl”. 

Ng, 48, said she has no regrets about any of that. 

In an interview with 8world for her new Mediacorp English drama Alienated, she said: "As I get older, many things have been forgotten, and I've no interest in recalling any bad memories," she said.

"I was more playful when young – I used to go clubbing, (but) who didn't drink alcohol or swear a little in their youth?

"I admit I did such things, but I was not a bad girl."

In Alienated, Ng plays a school custodian and mother of protagonist Luna (played by newbie actress Lim Shi-An), who weighs the idea of ending her life under social pressure.

The six-episode series addresses social issues such as cancel culture, toxic positivity and bullying.

Ng, who entered the entertainment industry after finishing 1st runner-up in 1993's Star Search, said her activities in the past caused some to form a negative opinion of her – even labelling her as an "easy" girl.

When she first picked up on the rumours, Ng admitted she felt very hurt.

"Fortunately, I have good friends around me, and my husband chose to believe in me. This is particularly important – people who believe in you will give you the strength to overcome all of this."

Referring to her husband Mike Lam whom she's been married to since 2004, Ng, who is a mother of three sons, added: "I've also proven to everyone that I'm not that sort of person."

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