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'S'pore’s most famous influencer' trolls Korean stars

You may not know her but you should. Koreans stars do.

“Singapore’s most famous influencer” Chantelle Tiffany Koh is so famous that she confers upon the stars the honour of taking a photo with her. And she signs it too.

“I’m very famous, so this photo will be worth a lot of money. Also, do you want my autograph?

"It’s a very beautiful picture of me,” Chantelle says, as the cast of Korean reality series, The Zone: Survival Mission 2, Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo and K-pop girl group SNSD’s Yuri kindly accept.

Chantelle, also known as local singer-comedienne Annette Lee, 30, recently shared a clip of the interview she did with the Korean celebrities.

@annetteandafish so i dressed up as Chantelle, Singapore’s most famous influencer, to do a troll interview with Korean stars #YooJaesuk, and @leekwangsoo_official and #KwonYuri ….. yes, they were so lucky to meet her 🤩✨✨ ps. i got to catch a sneak preview of the 1st few episodes of the new season and i must say: if you’re a fan of season 1 like me, you’re in for a hilarious and even crazier ride! 💥don't miss The Zone: Survival Mission 2 on 14 June, only on @Disney+ Singapore #disneyplussg #LeeKwangSoo ♬ original sound - Annette Lee

“My name’s Chantelle. I am the most famous influencer in Singapore, so it’s really an honour for you to meet me,” says Lee effortlessly as her alter ego.

While Jae Suk nods, Kwang Soo looks on bemused.

Addressing Yuri, Lee says, “Yuri, you’re very beautiful, you’re as beautiful as me. I want to know, in the midst of all these disastrous situations, how do you manage to still be so beautiful?”

The K-pop star, inspired by the breathless confidence of Chantelle, says that she’s “born with natural beauty”.

Kwang Soo objects and says that there were “so many unglamorous shots” of Yuri in the raw footage.

Yoo Jae Suk, SNSD’s Yuri and Lee Kwang Soo answered 'Chantelle's' hilarious questions with equally funny responses.PHOTOS: ANNETTEANDAFISH/TIKTOK

People loved Lee's witty and funny interview with local celebs like Rebecca Lim, Felicia Chin and Kimberly Chia applauding her.

Some netizens thought the interview was fake.

“OMG I didn't realize this is real until they took photo together!” one netizen joked.

Another said, "All sg (Singapore) interviews should be done like this."

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