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Star Awards: Jeanette Aw takes a tumble

Local actress Jeanette Aw trips going on stage at Star Awards, but continues with winning streak

She stole the show last Sunday when she swept six awards at Star Awards Show 1.

Last night, local actress Jeanette Aw did it again, but with a painful thud on the ground.

The 35-year-old made everyone's heart skip a beat when she slipped and fell while on stage to receive the All- Time Favourite Artist Award with popular host Vivian Lai at the Star Awards Show 2 held at Caldecott Hill.

However, Aw picked herself up quickly and gracefully as artists offstage rushed to help her up.

Speaking to local media backstage later, Aw, who wore a red Ralph Lauren gown, said in a mix of Mandarin and English: "The ladder was slippery so I went plopping down the steps.

"I injured my right knee and the back of my left thigh. My knee is swollen with blue-black bruises now.

"The first thought that went through my mind was: Oh no! I feel embarrassed about my 'glamorous entrance', but I guess it's very memorable."

The All-Time Favourite Artist Award is given to local stars who have won a Top 10 Most Popular Artists award for 10 years.

Celebrities who receive the award will no longer be eligible for the Top 10 Most Popular Artist award from the following year.

Lai, 38, who also received the same award, said: "I didn't care about my image and rushed to help Jeanette meimei (Chinese for younger sister) up. Although we have 'graduated' with this award, we will still work hard."

Local actress Rui En, who made headlines last week for sulking throughout the entire Show 1, sang a different tune last night.

The 34-year-old, who was all smiles last night, addressed the issue while on stage to receive her Top 10 Most Popular Female Artist award.

She said in Mandarin: "I know many people were discussing my performance during the show last week. I want to say that if it brought about inconvenience to anyone, I hope that you can accept and tolerate it.

"This is not my strength, but thank you everyone. I will work harder."


Yesterday's awards was also the first time that local actress Joanne Peh has showed off a baby bump at a public event since she announced her pregnancy a few months ago.

The 32-year-old, who is six months pregnant, looked radiant in a purple dress. She won the Best Supporting Actress (The Journey: Tumultuous Times) award and Top 10 Most Popular Female Artist.

She said: "I am confident about my own performance, but I didn't really watch the shows of my competitors. My husband (actor Qi Yuwu) is going away tomorrow for filming and I hope he will be back soon. Every time he leaves, I will be (in) a puddle of tears.

"I am contented and I know how lucky I am. As for the gender of my baby, I know it already, but I won't tell you."

Popular local actor Aloysius Pang may not have been nominated for the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artist award, but he received the Best Newcomer Award.

The 24-year-old heart-throb looked shocked when he went on stage to receive the award.

He said backstage: "I was overwhelmed and I didn't get to say everything which I wanted to say. I have never made my parents proud since my school days and I hope I've made them proud today."

Other big winners included Rebecca Lim, who bagged the Best Actress (Yes We Can) and Top 10 Most Popular Female Artist awards, and Shaun Chen, 36, who took home the Best Actor (The Journey: Tumultuous Times) and Top 10 Most Popular Male Artist awards.

Chen, who last week won the Rocket Award for being the most improved actor, after not winning any awards for 13 years, said: "The hard times are over and now I can be happy. I hope I will continue to bring good TV shows for Singaporeans."

Lim, 28, said: "I thought Rui En would win Best Actress instead. I think I won because maybe it's a lighter comedy role and judges saw a different side of me.

"I've been in the industry for 10 years, but people still think I am a newcomer so this was a very emotional win for me."

I feel embarrassed about my 'glamorous entrance' but I guess it's very memorable.

- Jeanette Aw


  • Best Actress: Rebecca Lim
  • Best Actor: Shaun Chen
  • Best Supporting Actress: Joanne Peh
  • Best Supporting Actor: Chen Hanwei
  • Best Newcomer: Aloysius Pang
  • Best Variety Show Host: Pornsak
  • All-Time Favourite Artist Award: Jeanette Aw and Vivian Lai
  • Best Drama Serial: The Journey: Tumultuous Times
  • Top 10 Most Popular Female Artists: Rebecca Lim, Rui En, Quan Yifeng, Belinda Lee, Joanne Peh, Julie Tan, Carrie Wong, Kym Ng, Paige Chua and Felicia Chin
  • Top 10 Most Popular Male Artists: Romeo Tan, Qi Yuwu, Elvin Ng, Pornsak, Ian Fang, Lee Teng, Xu Bin, Dasmond Koh, Shane Pow and Shaun Chen
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