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Taiwan actor Joseph Ma, 52, is a father four months after marriage

TAIPEI – Taiwanese actor Joseph Ma is a father, four months after his marriage.

The 52-year-old announced on social media on Tuesday that his son, whom he nicknamed “Little Sun”, was born earlier that day.

“You are finally willing to come out to shine on mum and dad,” he wrote in Chinese, posting a photo of himself carrying his newborn baby. “It took nearly 23 hours from the time the water broke to the birth.”

The member of 1990s boy band Red Hot Boys said he could only help to count down as his wife had her contractions and tried to push the baby out.

“Thank you to everyone in the medical team,” he wrote. “With your support and encouragement, Little Sun was finally born in the early morning of Aug 15.”

Ma said he had not slept for two straight nights, adding that it was tougher than filming for three days and three nights.

“It was even more exhausting for my wife,” he wrote. “It is really not easy for mothers all over the world. The burden will be heavier but sweeter from now on.”

The actor was congratulated by several artistes on social media, including Singapore’s Christopher Lee, his co-star in the Taiwanese legal drama Port Of Lies (2023).

Ma told the Taiwanese media that his son weighs 3.3kg, and that he gave him the nickname “Little Sun” in the hope that he will bring warmth and shine on the family.

The actor surprised his fans on April 4 after he announced on social media that he was getting married after being single for so long.

He registered his marriage to his South Korean wife on April 18 and posted a photo of themselves on social media without naming her. She is 16 years younger than him.

Ma then announced on May 3 that he was set to become a father.

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