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Taiwanese TV host Jacky Wu's son Rick Wu apologises for drug arrest

TAIPEI - Taiwanese television host Jacky Wu's son Rick Wu has apologised for his drug arrest, as Jacky Wu made a sudden appearance at the press conference to scold his son in public.

Singer Rick Wu was arrested outside a nightclub in Taipei's Xinyi district early on Sunday morning (Dec 26).

Taiwanese media reported that patrolling police officers detected the smell of marijuana and discovered the 23-year-old smoking it.

Rick Wu, who goes by the stage name LucyPIE, said at the press conference on Wednesday that he was drunk on Sunday and did not know that the cigarette he accepted from strangers was marijuana.

The press conference, which was originally meant to promote his new album, P, was initially cancelled after his arrest.

However, it went on as scheduled as he told his agency that the record also included the hard work of other musicians.

He said his father was very angry and disappointed with him after the arrest, and told him to face up to his mistakes.

Rick Wu said he has no concrete plans for his future for now, but he hoped to stay in the entertainment industry and make more music.

Jacky Wu, 59, who had earlier said he would not attend the press conference, made a sudden appearance and reprimanded his son in public.

"The thing I hate most in my life is drugs," he said. "You have to learn to be responsible for yourself."

In 2018, Rick Wu was fined NT$500,000 (S$24,510) after he posted on Instagram that he would bomb the Taipei City Hall if his girlfriend did not recover from an illness.

Jacky Wu, the host of variety shows such as Mr Player (2014 to present) and Super Followers (2016 to present), said after the press conference that he would invite his friends to his eldest daughter's wedding in January, only if his son were not at the event.

"I will not go if you are going," he said. "I am a human being and not a dog, and won't be able to stand so many strange looks from other people."

Jacky Wu's eldest daughter, television host Sandy Wu, is marrying her interior designer boyfriend on Jan 29. Jacky Wu has two other daughters, Vivian and Olivia.