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Xiang Yun and Edmund Chen celebrate 35th wedding anniversary

Local celebrity couple Xiang Yun and Edmund Chen celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary over a simple meal of steak and pasta.

Former actor Chen, 63, shared a reel of their sweet dinner date on Instagram on June 6, with the caption: “Today, we celebrated our 35th coral wedding anniversary. Thank you, everyone, for your blessings.”

Veteran actress Xiang Yun, 62, also shared a photo on her Instagram account with a briefer caption – “My spouse” – along with the hashtag #35thanniversary.

Chen tagged their children, actors Chen Xi and Chen Yixin, in his post, commenting in an Instagram Stories that they must celebrate together as a family next year.

The siblings sent their love via their Stories, with Chen Xi, 33, who is studying at King’s College London, calling his parents the “cutest couple”. Model-influencer Yixin, 24, who is overseas, thanked them for “bringing me into this world”.

Many of Xiang Yun and Chen’s colleagues, such as actors Elvin Ng, Jeanette Aw, Ben Yeo, Chen Xiuhuan, Aileen Tan, Lee Teng and Hong Huifang, left congratulatory messages in the comment section of their posts.

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