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All-round comfort at Chinatown Point

Let Chinatown Point keep your hands, feet and tummies comfortable as you tackle the intricacies of Great Singapore Sale shopping

Your shopping experience during the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) should be a comfortable one.

Your feet should not hurt too much as you move from store to store, your hands and fingernails should be immaculate and, most of all, your tummy should be filled with good food as a reward after all that shopping!

In Chinatown Point, all these amenities are within easy reach, making for a memorable and comfortable shopping spree this GSS!


Pixie Nail Spa (#02-19/20) is the perfect spot for your regular manicures and pedicures, a lunch-time beautification or the finishing touches for an important event.

Enjoy a Gelish manicure and a Classic pedicure at Pixie Nail Spa for $88 — choose from an extensive selection of trendy and classic nail polish colours.


IN.STYLE (#01-16/17) offers a wide variety of shoes for men and women. Get your fix of stylish yet comfortable kicks from American footwear brand Skechers for both work and play here, all at affordable prices.


Haikee Brothers (#02-39) is where old meets new. The menu comprises dishes that blend familiar flavours with contemporary twists, concocting an experience set to whet appetites. Savour the past and taste the future as you bond over a meal with the ones you cherish.

Haikee Soy Sauce Whole ChickenPHOTO: HAIKEE BROTHERS

Master Wang (opening soon at #02-45/46), the legendary La Mian Master restaurant, embodies the essence of Chinese cuisine with a hint of creativity.

Master Wang ensures that the dishes are all prepared in healthy ways to suit the tastes of modern diners.

La mian with scallion oil and soy saucePHOTO: MASTER WANG

The contemporary Chinese décor and ambience interpret Chinese cultural intricacies tastefully. You will be sure to enjoy every dish and want to come back again!


Hoshino Coffee (brewing in October at #02-47/48) specialises in hand-dripped coffee using premium Arabica roast coffee beans selected by Master Kanno, its own coffee blend specialist.

Try its signature soufflés such as the Fuwa Fuwa Hoshino Soufflé, Pancake Soufflé and Pot-Baked Soufflé.


TenRen’s Tea (opening in July at #01-07) opened its first tea shop in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in 1953, and has since grown into an internationally recognised brand with over 200 branches worldwide.

TenRen's teasPHOTO: TENREN

With a philosophy of wanting to serve the highest-quality tea from the best tea plantations around Taiwan, TenRen’s Tea showcases natural and healthful tea concoctions that also represent human warmth.

It is also well known around the world for its traditional teas such as oolong or green tea, as well as the various types of bubble tea.

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