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Steamed egg with tofu

Some recipes are so simple, and yet the dishes are so delicious you are willing to beg for more.

This recipe for steamed egg with tofu is so easy that there is no real excuse to not cook it, even if you have abysmal cooking skills.

You don't need much skill to follow this recipe from housewife Elizabeth Tan, 69.

Washing up is a breeze too.

Said Madam Tan: "Steamed egg is a family favourite, but I felt a healthier option was to use tofu to bulk up the dish instead of so many eggs."

She usually uses two eggs, but I used three because I also threw in more of the other ingredients.

She adds fried mushrooms and garlic for aroma and flavour, some of it in the egg mixture and the rest as garnish.

Most people rave about the Japanese chawanmushi, but this dish is no poor cousin.

Power-packed with minced pork and seafood, it's a poor man's dish turned luxurious with the addition of scallops.

The great thing about this dish is that you don't have to stick strictly to the ingredients in the recipe. You can add what you want, it's very accommodating.

Usually, the steaming of eggs requires the addition of water for a smooth and silken texture.

At first, I was doubtful when Madam Tan told me that just two to three tablespoons of water would be enough. But she explained that tofu has a high water content, which more than makes up for any shortfall.

Mashed up tofu may sound unappealing, but take my word for it, the final result is delectable. Once cooked, it blends so well with the egg that you won't realise you are eating mashed tofu.

Far from being bland, this dish is so flavourful that I have no choice but to declare it my favourite dish of the month.

Of course, I must confess, I have an ongoing love affair with eggs, especially steamed.


■ 1 packet of silken tofu (300g), mashed

■ 100g minced pork

■ 3 beaten eggs

■ 3 fresh scallops

■ 3 prawns

■ 3-4 big dried mushrooms, soaked and softened, sliced

■ 2 garlic cloves, chopped

■ 10 shallots, sliced

■ ¼ tsp light soya sauce

■ ½ tsp salt

■ ½ tsp sesame oil

■ Drizzle of dark soya sauce

■ Dash of pepper

■ 2 tbsps water

■ Oil for frying

For garnish

■ Spring onion, finely sliced

■ 1 red chilli, finely sliced


1. Cut the prawns and scallops into small pieces. (A)

2. Deep-fry the shallots until golden brown. Set aside. (B)

3. Heat one tablespoon of oil. Fry the garlic and mushrooms.

4. Season with light soya sauce. Remove from heat. Divide into two portions.

5. Place the mashed tofu and beaten eggs in a heat-proof deep dish.

6. Add the minced pork, scallops and prawns. (C)

7. Add half of the fried mushrooms and garlic and some fried shallots. (D)

8. Season with salt and pepper.

9. In a wok, bring some water to boil.

10. Place a wire rack in the wok. Place the dish of tofu and egg mixture on the rack.

11. Cover the wok and steam over low heat for 15 to 20 minutes.

12. Once cooked, garnish with remaining fried mushrooms mix and drizzle with dark sauce.

13. Garnish with spring onion and sliced chilli.

14. Serve hot.