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‘Overwhelmed with happiness’: S’porean hawkers featured on Times Square billboard in New York

From Ci Yuan Hawker Centre to New York City, Brostern’s journey is a testament to local flavours reaching global heights.

Hey, foodies! Here’s a tasty bit of news: Brostern, your favourite halal Western spot in Hougang’s Ci Yuan Hawker Centre, just hit the big screens – and we mean really big. Picture this: Their faces lighting up Times Square in New York City (NYC)!

A global bite: The Tan brothers – Raimy (31), Roimy (30) and Rainy (28), all Chinese-Muslims, couldn’t believe their eyes on Nov 20. Their smiles beamed from the LED display of Nasdaq Marketsite tower. “It was hard to believe,” Raimy shared, still buzzing from the excitement. “It sounded too good to be true.”

Grab’s global shoutout: Brostern was one of 53 South-east Asian merchants showcased on the iconic 37m-high billboard, courtesy of Grab. Since Grab hit Nasdaq in 2021, they’ve been using this space to big up the region’s diverse food scene. “This time round, Grab dedicated the space to give visibility to 53 home-grown merchants on the global stage,” they said, highlighting the vast food choices on their app in South-east Asia.

More local flavours on the big screen: Brostern wasn’t alone in repping Singapore. Joining them were Mian Mian Bu Duan (peanut pancake goodness), Prata Lahhh! (DIY prata fun), Nakin Thai (authentic Thai vibes) and Fukudon (Japanese delights). Plus, dishes from Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines also grabbed some limelight.


A surprise came in too warm that made us overwhelmed with happiness all over our heads. Thank you @hungrygowhere @...

Posted by Brostern on Sunday, November 19, 2023

Brostern’s mission: Launched in September 2020, Brostern’s goal has always been to offer tasty yet affordable meals, especially for those hit hard by the pandemic. Raimy hopes this global showcase can further elevate Singapore’s hawker culture. “We hope that Singaporeans continue to find togetherness, regardless of race and religion... and build the nation strong especially through food,” he said.

So next time you’re munching on Brostern’s offerings, remember, you’re tasting a bit of Singapore that’s made it all the way to NYC!

Brostern is owned by brothers (from left) Rainy, Raimy and Roimy Tan. PHOTO: COURTESY OF RAIMY TAN