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Virtual romance complete with sweet nothings

FutureLeap's VR system lets you feel real sensations from your cyber date

In the mood for romance but too tired to get off the sofa?

Japanese firm FutureLeap is here to help, with a virtual reality system so realistic you'd swear your cyber date just whispered sweet nothings in your ear.

The company showed off its high-tech romance gear at the three-day Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality exhibition in Tokyo. At FutureLeap's booth, a young model kneels on a fluffy carpet as she tosses balloons in the air, blows bubbles and flirts with a man wearing VR headgear who is sitting some 2m away.

He reaches out to touch her shoulder and gets nothing but air. When she whispers into the device though, he can feel the sensation of her breath on his ear.

Most virtual reality romance games feature an animated companion rather than a real person, said company employee Tomoyuki Takahashi. But in this case, "you feel the real sensation as if you were together alone with a woman who is just your type," he said. "This type of realistic sensation will become the main trend in virtual reality technology." - AFP


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