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5 things we learnt about Bruce Jenner

On Friday night, Bruce Jenner confirmed what many had suspected, speculated and gossiped intensely about: That he was transitioning to a woman.

The patriarch of reality TV's Kardashian family admitted in a two hour interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer: "For all intents and purposes, I am a woman."

Jenner's family members and celebrities have taken to social media to voice their support for the former US Olympian.

Here's 5 things we learnt about Bruce Jenner

His stepdaughter Kim Kardashian once walked in on him while he was wearing a dress.

After that, she got into her car and drove off.

They never broached the subject again until much later on.

Source: Deadline


Surprise, surprise! Of all of Jenner's daughters, Kim has taken his transition the best.

But it was her husband Kanye West that "turned her around on this" with a talk about being true to oneself.

Source: Deadline


Change isn't coming easy.

Kim told NBC's Today: "I think there is still an adjustment and there's, you know, family therapy.

"And we're really close. You know, I— I see reports that say, you know, 'This one doesn't support him', and, 'This one's over here', and my mom, 'feels this way'. And it's all really so made up."

She added: "We all really support him. Is it a hard adjustment? Yes."

Source: Today


If you think this whole thing is just another publicity stunt for the Kardashian clan, well, it isn't, according to Jenner.

He said during his interview with ABC: "Would I go through a gender change and do all you need to do for that, for the show?

"Have you any idea what I've been going through all my life, and I'm doing it for publicity for a show? Oh my God."

Source: USA Today


He's transitioning to be a woman, but that doesn't mean he's gay.

Jenner told the ABC interviewer straight up: "I'm not gay."

Throughout the interview, he continued to use "he" rather than "she" to refer himself even though he said he had "the soul of a female".

"I'm not a girl in guy's body. I hate that. I am a person, it's who I am," said Jenner.

"My brain is much more female than it is male. It's hard for people to understand but that's what my soul is."

Source: USA Today

What Jenner's family is saying about him on social media:




I wrote this in 5th grade... nothing has changed. ❤️

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