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Are you fur-real: Meet Ed Helms' therapy llama

Ed Helms' new pet could be Jimmy Kimmel Live's most bizarre guest yet.

The American comedian— best known for playing Stuart Price in The Hangover trilogy and Andy Bernard in The Office— showed off his new therapy llama, Reggie, in last Wednesday's (July 22) episode of the popular talkshow.

"I get a little nervous doing interviews and stuff so I decided to have him here keeping me zen-ed out and calm," the 41-year-old told host Jimmy Kimmel.

And it wasn't long before Helms needed his furry friend to calm him down.

While discussing his venture into music — he's part of an actual bluegrass group called The Lonesome Trio — Helms started feeling "tense".

"I feel like you're digging into some personal areas," he said as he got up to cuddle Reggie, drawing laughter from the audience.

However, Helms' anxiety problem proved too much for one llama to handle.

When he noticed that Reggie was also beginning to feel the same way, Helms brought in Seymour, Reggie's therapy chicken.

The wackiness continued when Kimmel pointed out that Seymour wasn't looking too good.

And along came the chicken's therapy turtle Theodore, which was — to no one's surprise — in distress. Why? According to Helms, its "sex tape" was leaked.




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