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Fan Bing Bing enters Forbes' highest paid actresses list at No. 4

Forbes has just released its list of the world's highest paid actresses.

The surprise entry this year?

The only non-American — Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing.

She came in at fourth place with her earnings over 12 months of US$21 million ($29.5 million).

This is the first time that Forbes' ranking has included the world’s highest-paid leading ladies to create a "truly global" list of actress earnings.

According to Forbes, Hollywood actresses Jennifer Lawrence (US$52 million), Scarlett Johansson (US$35.5 million) and Melissa McCarthy (US$23 million) comprise the Top 3. 

Fan, 33, had joined the rankings thanks to her roles in blockbuster movies and endorsements.

The International Business Times, in their report Who Is Fan Bing Bing?, and South China Morning Post (SCMP) also highlighted how she had earned her millions.

SCMP reported that Fan has often described herself as a tough girl who has claimed that her income has come from her hard work, rather than a result of her sleeping her way to the top.

To her fans, she is also called "Fan Ye" (Mandarin for male boss Fan), a slang phrase describing her as a woman with masculine traits.

Fan is known to take on hectic work schedules for both movies and endorsements that are as "tough and demanding as a man's". 

Fan has topped Forbes' China Celebrity 100 list in the last three years.

A fashion icon in China, she also has impressive endorsements under her belt.

In January, Alibaba’s e-commerce site Taobao estimated that keyword searches for her name generated US$74 million in revenue for sellers on the site.

According to SCMP, Fan was one of only four women in the Forbes list to earn more than US$20 million from their acting and endorsements, before taxes and fees.


1. X Men: Days Of Future Past (US$$748.1 million) 

2. White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom (US$55.75 million)

3. Ever Since We Love (US$21.91 million)

4. The Lady Of The Dynasty (US$14.8 million)


1. Louis Vuitton

​2. Chopard

​3. Cartier

4. Mercedes-Benz

5. Moët & Chandon.


In contrast, 21 actors on the highest paid actors list earned more than US$20 million.

Robert Downey Jr (US$80 million) topped the list, followed by Jackie Chan (US$50 million) (pictured below), Vin Diesel (US$47 million) and Bradley Cooper ($41.5 million).


Forbes noted that there were fewer leading roles for women and it was rarer for women to be cast in leading roles.

Veteran actresses such as Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock, gained most of their earnings over the past 12 months from endorsements rather than films.

Source: Forbes, International Business Times, South China Morning Post,  

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