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Ariana Grande apologises for donutgate but not to the donut shop

It has been called #donutgate

The diminutive US pop star Ariana Grande has landed herself in a 'hole' lot of trouble..

Grande, 22, was at a doughnut shop with her dancer boyfriend, Ricky Alvarez, when she went decided to have a taste of the goods.

Security camera footage caught her as she leaned forward at Wolfee Donut's shop counter and licked a powdered donut – one of many on a tray.

Her boyfriend, furtively glancing around to make sure he is not noticed by staff, appears to try licking too.

Having moved to the other end of the counter, she licked yet another donut. This time, a frosted one.

She then kisses her boyfriend as he leans on the counter.

She appears to have no intention of buying the licked donuts.

The icing on this cake of controversy came when a fresh tray of donuts was placed on the counter.

What Grande explained shocked many.

"I hate Americans. I hate America."

The cashier on duty described Grande as "really rude".


But  aftermath of the video released on Wednesday (July 8) has not affected only Grande.

Initially, the incident proved to be a boost to the shop, called Wolfee Donuts. Owner Joe Marin claimed that business had tripled, though he was still furious at the singers anti-social behaviour.

But all is not well at Wolfee. The manager said that he didn't know that Grande had licked the donuts and that he had left them on the tray. Wolfee Donuts has since failed its health inspection​.

According to TMZ this is because of "customers licking donuts incorrectly placed on counter".

Authorities are looking into the incident and Grande may be charged with cross-contamination (of the donuts).

The singer, who cited wisdom teeth removal as the reason for pulling out of this week's MLB All-Star Concert has since issued an artily shot apology on YouTube, titled "sorry babes".

The apology addressed to her fans says that her remarks were not hateful and rather, an expression of her frustration against obesity in America.

Grande also expressed remorse over her behaviour in the donut shop.

She says:"I'm 22 years old... I'm human... I still got a lot to learn and I make mistakes.And that's how I'm going to learn."

In the four-minute monochrome video, she says: "Seeing a video of yourself behaving poorly is such a rude awakening — it’s like, you don’t know what to do.

“I was so disgusted with myself. I wanted to shove my face into a pillow and disappear.”

She has yet to apologise directly to Wolfee Donuts.



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