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Cops stumped over body in condo water tank

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How did a body end up in the water tank of a Kuala Lumpur condominium? How did the man die? 

No one knows, not even the police.

Mystery surrounds the case of 43-year-old Chuan Wan Chooi, whose decomposed body was found in a Bukit Damansara condo water tank last Tuesday (May 12).

Residents had complained about their strange-smelling tap water for about a week, before workers checked the tank and made the grisly discovery.

Reported missing

Chuan, who worked as an autopart salesman, was not a resident or worker at the condominium.

He did not have any criminal record. He reportedly disappeared on May 7.

Post-mortem results were inconclusive but drowning has been ruled out as the cause of death as there was no water retention in his lungs.

There were also no visible signs of injury or struggle.

CCTV footage

Closed circuit television recordings show Chuan walking alone to the water tank.

But so far, police are unable to explain how he managed to get into the water tank when it was locked and the keys kept by security guards.

KL police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Tajuddin Md Isa said police were still treating the case as a sudden death.

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