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Foul find: Corpse in KL condo water tank

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Residents of a condominium in Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur did not know why their drinking water smelled bad.

So they complained about the stench, which started last week (May 7).

When workers responded to the complaints and checked, they found the problem: A man's body was floating in the water tank.

Residents were appalled they had been using the foul-smelling water for nearly a week.

One of them called Abbas told Kosmo! Online:

"We drank and bathed with the water for five days.
"It was only on Wednesday that we found out that the weird odour was caused by a dead body in the water tank."

He and the other residents thought the stench was caused by a rusty pipe.

Police said the victim was 43-year-old Chuan Wan Chooi. He was not a condominium resident.

His brother had lodged a missing persons report four days before the body was discovered.

Sources: The Star, Kosmo! Online

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