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Couple put up notices at Marine Crescent in a bid to find missing bed sheet

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Oh where, oh where has our bed sheet gone? Oh where, oh where could it be?

A couple living at Block 33 Marine Crescent recently lost a bed sheet which they had left out to dry. They believe it was blown away by the wind.

In a bid to find it, they have put up nine notices at the lift lobby area of three blocks of flats.

"We have lost a bed sheet, pattern and colour as shown above, on Jan 4 (Sunday) at around 1-2pm due to strong winds when it was hung outside," stated the notice.

"We sincerely hope to find it back as it was a wedding gift and has sentimental value."

A gift from a good friend

Mr Wong, 40, told Shin Min Daily News that the bed sheet was given to him a year ago by a good friend.

"We have known each other for more than 20 years. Before my wedding, he asked me what I needed. I had bought a new bed, but was lacking new bed sheets.

"He and his wife went to choose a set of bed sheets, quilt cover and pillow covers and gave it to me, hence it has great significance," he said in Mandarin.

Mr Wong said his mother-in-law had moved the bed sheets outside to sun while she was cooking.

"During lunch time at about 1pm, I went to the window and looked out, and discovered the bed sheet was missing," he said. 

Even the clips that were used to hold it in place were gone, reported the newspaper.

Not the first time

Said Mr Wong: "I immediately went to walk one round in the area, but I couldn't find it."

He put up the notices on Jan 5, but still hasn't found the bed sheet.

This isn't the first time the bed sheet has been blown away by the wind.

Mr Wong said it also happened the first time he washed it and left it out to dry. Fortunately, it got stuck at the clothes rack of the unit below.

"Since that incident, we have been sunning the bed sheet indoors. We did not expect that it would disappear during a momentary lapse."

Source: Shin Min Daily News

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