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Kindergarten teacher staples boy's ear

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Ouch, that's got to hurt.

A kindergarten teacher in Fujian province, China, has been suspended after sending her four-year-old student home on Monday (June 8) with a new piercing — a staple in his ear.

Media reports did not state why the teacher had done so.

The child's mother posted images of his swollen ear on Weibo.

She had found the staple while giving him a bath. That's when he began crying in pain. 


When the parent asked what happened, the boy said his teacher used a stapler to pierce his ears during noon break.

The teacher, surnamed Lan, taught at Jiangle County Art Kindergarten in Sanming, southeastern China.

The county education bureau confirmed the incident.

According to NetEase News, the teacher is now under police investigation for professional misconduct.

Meanwhile, kindergarten and education bureau representatives have paid home visits to the boy’s family to offer apologies and express their sympathies.

Sources: Global Times, Xinhua, Shanghaiist, Weibo

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