Malaysian policeman rescues man from car fire

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An act of bravery by Malaysian policeman has seen him hailed as a hero.

Lance Corporal Al Aliff Alzam, 28, (below)  risking his own safety to rescue a man from a burning car.


Lance Cpl Aliff was carrying out his regular patrol along a road in Kuala Lumpur at 5.30am on Friday. 

When he saw smoke billowing from a car on the opposite side of the road he immediately sprang into action.

A man, Chen Chee Hau, was unconscious and  trapped in his seat.

Lance Cpl Aliff said: "When I got to him, the front part of the car was already burning. I was feeling panicky that the car would explode any moment but it was my duty to save him."

He rescued Chen by breaking the window on the driver's side with a torchlight.

With the help of his patrol partner, Lance Cpl Aliff unlocked the door and pulled him out. 

The car exploded into flames moments later.

His story went viral in Malaysia.

"Initially, my partner was worried. I feared for my safety, too, but I felt I could save him in time," he said.

The policeman suffered minor injuries on both of his arms from trying to unlock the door.

Chen fortunately did not suffer any injuries.However, his car was completely burnt.

 The torched remains of the white Perodua Alza.

Lance Cpl Aliff, who has been a policeman for four years, said he initially kept all news of the daring rescue from his wife as she was expecting their first child.

“I did not want to worry her. But she found out after my aunt shared a Facebook post of the incident. She called me and was crying on the phone, asking me why I didn’t tell her.”

Following the post, he said he received many messages from strangers and friends, some of whom he had lost touch with.

"“They congratulated me. My superiors contacted me to say I have done a good job."

Despite the adulation, Lance Cpl Aliff is not letting reaction to the rescue go to his head.

"I am touched by the appreciation shown, but it is just a small effort on my part. It is my job after all,” he said.


Source: Star Online