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Man survives bees stinging him up to 1,000 times

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A man is lucky to be alive after he was stung by tens of thousands of bees near Kingman in northwestern Arizona on Friday (June 12), authorities said.

The unidentified man was in stable condition at Kingman Regional Medical Center following the attack.

He suffered up to 1,000 stings after he apparently disturbed a large hive in the backyard of a house, said Mohave County sheriff’s spokesman Leslie DeSantis.

She added:

“The number of bees in the shed was unbelievable.

“The deputy who arrived said it was like something you’d see in the movies. It was just amazing."

The Guardian reported that the man was working on the property when the attack happened.

In a bid to escape, he ran to his vehicle and managed to enlist the help of two passersby.

Unfortunately, they too were stung but not as badly as him. They were not hospitalised.

The Independent reported that a beekeeper was called to contain the swarm but he reportedly told the police that it could take days before the swarm was brought under control.

The beekeeper was also stung 23 times.

Meanwhile, local police are telling residents to keep pets indoors, avoid the area and to drive through with their car windows wound up. 

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