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Star Trek fan builds $130m Enterprise office in China

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He's a board member of Chinese search engine giant, Baidu.

But Mr Liu Dejian is now known for something even more impressive.

The 43-year-old Chinese mobile internet provider is the owner of NetDragon Websoft - the company whose office building in China is designed after science fiction franchise Star Trek's USS Enterprise.

Mr Liu spent a cool 600 million yuan ($130 million) to go boldly where no man has gone before, a feat that earned him hero status among some Trekkies (Star Trek fans).

His office took four years to complete, from October 2010 to May 2014.

They thought it was a joke

China Real Time, The Malay Mail Online and Daily Mail said the six-storey building is 260m long and 100m wide.

But a spokesman for NetDragon Websoft revealed that modelling their office after the USS Enterprise wasn't the first choice.

The choice was made when company executives stumbling upon a Star Trek poster one day and voila!

The science fiction series features the USS Enterprise exploring new worlds and seeking out new life.

To begin realising their dream office, the company had to contact Star Trek producer (US media company CBS) to secure the rights for their building.

The spokesman said:

"That was their first time dealing with (an) issue like this and at first they thought that it was a joke.

“They realised somebody in China actually did want to work out a building modelled on the USS Enterprise only after we sent the relevant legal documents."

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Here is another Star Trek fan who can give Mr Liu a run for his money: Internet mogul and former CEO of networking site FriendFinder Marc Bell actually built a  Star-Trek themed mansion.

He put his Mediterranean mansion on the market last year for USD35 million ($47 million) last year - a move that blew the minds of Trekkies who saw pictures of his home theater (below), which was a recreation of the Starship Enterprise.

A newscaster reports on the Starship Enterprise home theater. PHOTO: YOUTUBE/ WPTV NEWS

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If you fancy The Hobbit instead of Star Trek, then this house (pictured below) may be your go-to address.

Found in West Wales, pictured below is the work of Simon Dale who built his The Lord Of The Rings-inspired wooden home after he got fed up with homeowners having to pay huge mortages.

He literally moved his wife and two children to the hillside and started digging.

His Hobbit house took four months to complete and cost him just £3,000 ($4,400). 


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