6 dead, 13 injured in China driving rampage

This article is more than 12 months old

Suspect allegedly distressed over divorce hearing

At least six people including three students were killed after a driver believed to have had a divorce hearing in the morning went on a rampage.

The incident happened on a street in his wife's village on Monday in Fuzhou, capital of southern China's Fujian Province.

The police said six victims were confirmed dead and 13 people were injured. Among the three dead students were a sister and brother struck by the car.

The rampage took place when schoolchildren were having their noon break.

The suspect, Lin Jianxin, 37, was brought under control by the police with a hydraulic water gun, the media reported.

The car smashed into several vehicles and about 20 people over a 2km stretch of the countryside road before it broke down due to severe damage, it was reported.

Lin's divorce case was heard at a court on Monday, Shanghai Daily reported.

Court workers said he appeared to behave normally when they left the court. The verdict was not announced yet.

The police suspected his rage over the divorce could have triggered his actions.

Pictures posted online showed spattered blood, damaged cars and motorbikes scattered across the road and sidewalk.

Similar incidents of revenge are not new in China.

Unemployed wheelchair user Ji Zhongxing ignited a bomb in the Beijing airport in July last year, but nobody was injured.

Another man, Chen Shuizong, blew up a bus in Xiamen, killing 47 in last June over a pension dispute.