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Anonymous threatens to leak public officers' personal info

This article is more than 12 months old

The Infocomm Development Authority has filed a police report about a threat to leak public officers' personal information.

Tech news website ZDNet reported on Friday evening that it had received a statement from someone claiming to be from the hacktivist group Anonymous. The statement contained personal information, including the names, government e-mail addresses, birth dates, nationalities, and passport and mobile phone numbers of 10 individuals.

This was supposedly from "a file containing the personal information of thousands of people associated with a certain Singaporean security corporation that does much business with the Government".

ZDNet said it conducted checks and found some of the data in the statement to be incorrect.

Some of the phone numbers and e-mail addresses were out of date.

Anonymous had reportedly taken issue with the arrest of three alleged hackers, James Raj Arokiasamy, 35, Melvin Teo, 17, and Delson Moo, 42.

The police confirmed that the report had been made. They are "looking into the matter", The Straits Times quoted a police spokesman as saying.