Prince William to become an air ambulance pilot

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Britain’s Prince William is going to be an air ambulance pilot. Crazy news, we know.

We're almost tempted to fake an injury for the chance to be flown around by royalty.

The Duke of Cambridge is to be based in the city, responding to emergencies ranging from road traffic accidents to heart attacks.​

If the 32-year-old​ prince passes all the required tests, he will take up a full time role next year with the East Anglian Air Ambulance (EEAA), a charity which provides emergency helicopter cover across eastern England.

A Kensington Palace​ spokesman said: "The job will build on the duke’s operational experience in the Royal Air Force. During this time he undertook more than 150 search and rescue operations."

But what about his royal duties?

While piloting will be his main job, his rota will take into account his royal duties and responsibilities.

Prince William would work four days on, four days off. A typical busy eight-hour shift involves four to five emergencies.

He will donate his annual salary of £40,000 (S$84,000) in full to the EAAA charity.

All this excitement, however, will be for naught if his highness doesn't pass the test. All the best, Prince William, we're rooting for you!

Source: AFP

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