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Miss Universe Singapore 2016 - Cheryl Chou

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Pursuing a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Fashion Media and Industries) at Lasalle College of the Arts has not been easy as most of Cheryl's education was in China.

When she was eight, her family relocated to Suzhou for three years before moving to Shanghai, where she completed her International Baccalaureate studies.

She loves exploring China, saying:

"In every city you visit, there is so much culture and you'll always find something very unique about it."

What is one cause you would champion if you become Miss Universe Singapore 2016?

I want to promote the idea of embracing a positive body image, especially on social media...

I have lived through a phase where I did not treat my body right, and I lost the sense of who I was and what I loved for a while.

So I understand what it feels like and I will do anything to help at least one person in this world from feeling the way I did.

Which influential living person would you like to meet?

Nick Vujicic, a motivational speaker from Australia who is one of my role models.

He was born with a condition called phocomelia, a disorder characterised by the absence of legs and arms.

About four years ago, I picked up one of his books - Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life - and I was so inspired by the positivity that he possesses despite his condition.

What is one food you cannot resist?

Durian. I eat it even though it (causes me to get) pimples.

What has been the most difficult part of moving back to Singapore last August?

The slang. During my first semester at Lasalle, our lecturer wanted us to "recce" locations for our fashion shoot, and in that moment I actually thought it was a term used by people in the industry.

When I called my mum later that night, I found out that recce has no link to fashion at all.

Why did you decide to become a vegan?

Being a huge animal lover, I feel strongly for the lives of animals.

I never understood the process of what it was like to put meat on my plate until I actually educated myself on this topic.

It was then that I realised I could never call myself an animal lover if I were to be a meat-eater.

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