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Rats! A timeline of rodent activity in Singapore

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Rats in Bukit Batok, rats in Bukit Panjang, rats in Ghim Moh, rats in malls, and now, rats in Jalan Rumah Tinggi.

A reader who wished to remain anonymous alerted The New Paper to a video on YouTube, in which rats are seen scurrying around a carpark in Jalan Rumah Tinggi. 

The video was uploaded on April 17.

In the 2 1/2 min-long video, the rats can be seen scurrying between a drain and under a recycling bin.


This video is the latest in a string of rat sightings in Singapore. 

We take a look at recent cases. 

September 24, 2014

The rat which fell from the ceiling. PHOTO: TNP READER KIM KOOL

A 20cm rat fell from the ceiling of a foodcourt in Westgate mall and landed on an empty tray on the table.

The thee minute long incident ended after rat was caught by a cleaner who trapped it with another tray.

October 1, 2014

Accumulated rat droppings that were found under an overhead pipe at one of the stalls at the Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre. PHOTO: ST

Pest controllers were called in to deal with a rat infestation at Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre. The 10-day operation saw nearly 200 rats being caught. 

October 14, 2014

Pictures of rats scurrying across a grass patch in Bukit Panjang were posted online.

This prompted the Holland–Bukit Panjang Town Council to carry out fortnightly operations and hire a pest control specialist to catch the rats. 

December 2014

After a video of rat infested slope next to Bukit Batok MRT was uploaded online, a 22-man team from Star Pest Control was formed to tackle the problem.

After a three week operation where more than 300 rats were exterminated, the area was declared rat-free by the extermination company, reported The Straits Times.

January 2015


Restaurant Hotpot Culture had its operations suspended on Jan 9 by the National Environment Agency (NEA) after a customer posted a picture of what looked like a rat carcass in soup online. 

Subsequent investigations by NEA uncovered rat droppings on the floor of the restaurant's storeroom and in a false ceiling in the kitchen.

The restaurant was allowed to re-open on Feb 4, with the owner having sealed possible entry points and conducting weekly rat treatment.

March 2015

The rats at this Bukit Batok Avenue 8. TNP PHOTO: ZAIHAN MOHD YUSOF

Bukit Batok was again in the limelight after The New Paper reported that rats were seen scurrying freely around Bukit Batok Ave 8.

Our reporter caught them moving in and out of shops through various cracks and gaps in the backdoors of the shops in the area.

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