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Souvenirs of GE2015

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Some are bought as alternative ways to show allegiance.

Some are bought purely to help fill the coffers.

Some are nothing more than souvenirs of the election season.

Along with the colourful speeches and analogies, the various political parties have been presenting various items of paraphernalia at rally sites.

From the ever present party flags to the umbrellas, here are some of the items that have been available. sometimes to buy, sometimes just given away.



Smiling office workers carrying the PAP fans given out during their lunchtime rally on Sept 8. PHOTO: REUTERS

The PAP rallies have seen pennant flags, wristbands (emblazoned with candidate names), whistles and circular fans given out.

Paraphernalia does not seem to be high on the list of priorities at the ruling party's rallies.



The WP merchandise seems to have the most variety. Plenty of different items to wave during speeches.

Triangular flags ($2) and umbrellas ($12) displaying the party logos.

Also seen emerging from crowd have been the yellow inflatable hammers ($2) which take a couple of lung-fulls to get going.  

Arguably most practical item for someone stood in a large field at night is the battery-powered fan ($12).


When activated, party slogans are illuminated on the blades.

The Workers' Party mini fan in action. TNP PHOTO: AZIM AZMAN






When The New Paper went to Singapore Democratic Party's lunchtime rally near UOB Plaza on Monday (Sept 7), sales were brisk.

There were books by Dr Chee Soon Juan, which caused quite a lengthy queue to form. There were also large red umbrellas (with cushioned handles) for $30.

One of the more popular items was the Danny the Democracy Bear plush toy ($20).

So popular, that at the rally site at Block 265 Toh Guan Road that same night, we were told by volunteers manning the merchandise stall that the bears were out of stock.

For those who want to make noise, red inflatable tubes were available on a donation basis. They could be waved or banged together.  


It would be hard to miss The Reform Party's merchandise.

Caps, umbrellas, flags, polo T-shirts, badges and pens — all in very bright yellow.

The umbrellas were $20, caps $15 and badges $5.

There were also books (with the title in a neon pink font) and bright green whistles available.

Reform Party's bright yellow merchandise. TNP PHOTO: HARIZ BAHARUDIN



These two may be the most recently formed political parties but they are are into the merchandise game.

Much of what's on offer from SingFirst combines patriotism with political allegiance.

Some of the items that SingFirst offers. PHOTO: SINGFIRST/FACEBOOK  

And much as the SingFirst merchandise is leans toward royal blue, only the PPP's pennants come in the party purple.

The other items – little plastic clappers and badges – are in other colours and have been available for a donation of any amount. 

PPP chosen colour for their merchandise is purple. TNP PHOTO: ZAIHAN MOHD YUSOF  


Adding to the list of goodies such as NSP water, collar pins, wristbands, umbrellas and flags in orange is a unique product aimed at the residents of Sembawang GRC.

Candidate Kevryn Lim has a line of personalised tote bags emblazoned with the pop art inspired image of herself.



In the tote bag which bears her artily rendered face there are fans, badges and  flyers - all designed with the same theme.

But these items of promotional parapheranlia were not for sale. They were only given out during her walkabouts.


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