Singapore places 6th on New York Times' 52 places to go in 2015

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The New York Times has placed Singapore as its sixth destination on its yearly list of 52 places to go this year.

The Republic was the highest ranked Asian nation on the list and was named ahead of picturesque cities like Manchester in England, Durban in South Africa and Lower Manhattan in New York.

Singapore featured prominently on the list due to its upcoming 50th birthday celebrations which promise to be a stellar showcase with events like the Chingay parade in February as well as this year's National Day parade commemorating the city-state's independence milestone.

Milan - Italy's second-most populous city - topped the list.

Here is a list of NYT's top 10:

1. Milan, Italy

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2. Cuba


3. Philadelphia

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4. Yellowstone National Park

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5. Elqui Valley, Chile

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6. Singapore


7. Durban, South Africa


8. Bolivia

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9. Faroe Islands

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10. Macedonia 

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You can find the remaining 42 places on the list here.

Source: The New York Times, Twitter


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