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1,200 more households to benefit after Muis reviews zakat assistance scheme

More than 1,200 households are set to benefit from zakat assistance, after the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) changed a criterion to qualify for the aid.

The per-capita-household income (PCI) has been increased from $400 to $500 following a review of its assistance schemes, the council said on Dec 26. Zakat is a form of alms-giving.

“These reviews analyse income patterns and cost of living markers to ensure the needs of beneficiaries are still met,” Muis said.

The council also announced it had disbursed a special additional year-end payout of about $3.7 million to more than 6,000 low-income families. This payout is on top of the monthly zakat financial assistance for the beneficiaries.

The disbursement – introduced in 2012 – aims to help the beneficiaries manage their year-end household expenses, such as accumulated bills and costs for the upcoming school year for families with school-going children.

The payout includes a study – or reqab – assistance of about $620,000 for families with children aged 18 years old and below.

This is expected to benefit around 8,800 school-going children and is designed to ease the education and developmental expenses for these households, Muis said.

Eligible zakat beneficiaries will be notified by mail within the next two weeks, it added.

The council said: “The review is made possible only because of the strong support from the community. Through the community’s zakat contributions, Muis is able to enhance its reach to help more low-income families.

Muis added that it is committed to ensuring the needs of its beneficiaries and other vulnerable groups are supported through zakat assistance.