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All HDB households can now use $300 in vouchers for eco-friendly home appliances

Need to beat the heat?

If you are in the market for an energy-efficient air-conditioner or fan, you will be able to use vouchers given for eco-friendly household appliances as part of an expanded scheme that kicked off on April 15.

Under the updated scheme, the Climate Friendly Households Programme has been widened to include all HDB households.

Consumers can now use $300 in e-vouchers on 10 types of energy- and water-saving appliances and fittings, such as washing machines, water closets and direct current fans.

When the programme was first launched in November 2020, only households in one- to three-room HDB flats were eligible for $225 in vouchers, which could be used only for LED lights, refrigerators and shower fittings.

The voucher amount was also fixed for each category.

The programme was initially supposed to be valid till Dec 31, 2023, but was extended for three more months until March 20 to give households more time to redeem and use the $225 vouchers.

Speaking on the sidelines of a visit to consumer electronics chain Gain City’s Marina Square outlet on the first day of voucher redemption for the expanded scheme, Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment Amy Khor said 145,800 households had registered for the first tranche of the climate vouchers, and only 62,800 had been utilised.

“Some of the households had registered and may have been interested in the vouchers, but did not utilise them to purchase appliances because their current appliances and water fittings might still be in working condition,” she said.

Only about 300,000 households living in one- to three-room flats were initially eligible for the vouchers, but now 1.1 million HDB households, as well as new flat owners who will receive their keys by 2027, can use them.

The expansion of the scheme comes after reports of the programme’s low take-up rate.

When asked about how the authorities plan to encourage more to use the e-vouchers for the second tranche of the scheme, Dr Khor pointed out that households have a “relatively long period” of three years to use the vouchers, which will expire on Dec 31, 2027.

“We do have publicity plans including social media, and working with town councils and the People’s Association to publicise the climate vouchers by putting information on digital display panels at lift lobbies,” she said.

“We are also working with the Housing & Development Board to publicise the vouchers, and to encourage (home owners) to buy energy- and water-efficient products and utilise the vouchers,” she added.

She reiterated that the 10 types of products under the expanded programme contribute to around 60 per cent of an average household’s electricity consumption and around 90 per cent of water consumption.


There are currently 14 participating retailers, including Courts, Best Denki and FairPrice, and the Government hopes to enlist more.

Retailers who want to join the programme need to meet certain criteria, including having a physical point-of-sale system that is integrated with the RedeemSG digital voucher system and is able to scan QR codes.

“I know some retailers may want to come on board as soon as possible, but we need to make sure that the configuration is right,” said Dr Khor, adding that the Government will assist interested companies.

Gain City’s assistant retail sales director Mike Kok said the interest in the second tranche of the climate vouchers has been encouraging, with consumers inquiring about it since mid-March.

To meet demand, the electronics chain started a pre-sale at end-March, allowing customers to buy eligible appliances by putting down a deposit and redeeming the climate vouchers from April 15 onwards.

“Around 60 per cent of customers who buy home appliances like fridge, washer or air-con will use the climate vouchers... In my opinion, I’m seeing much higher participation for this tranche of vouchers,” said Mr Kok.