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All other taxi operators in S'pore to follow ComfortDelGro in raising fares

This article is more than 12 months old

Two weeks after leading taxi group ComfortDelGro decided to raise fares from March 1, other taxi operators TransCab, Prime Taxi, Premier Taxi and Strides Taxi are set to follow.

A statement from the Public Transport Council (PTC) on Friday (Feb 25) confirmed that these operators have informed it of their decision to raise fares. No details were revealed.

The operators will have to inform commuters about the new fares at least seven days before the adjustments kick in.

The Straits Times had reported earlier that other taxi operators were likely to follow ComfortDelGro's move early this month, falling in step with the taxi operator which controls about 8,900 cabs or 60 per cent of the fleet here.

The last fare adjustment in 2011 saw a similar sequence, when TransCab, Prime Taxi, Premier Taxi and Strides Taxi all raised fares after ComfortDelGro raised its flag-down fare of normal taxis by 20 cents and distance fares by two cents.

This time, ComfortDelGro's flag-down fare will similarly rise by 20 cents.

Distance and time-based charges will also increase, with a two-cent rise for every 400m (or 350m after 10km) and a two-cent increase for every 45 seconds of waiting time for normal taxis.

ComfortDelGro had said the fare hike was to defray higher operating costs from rising fuel prices - which have been steadily rising since mid-2020 - and inflation, as well as to support falling cabbies' incomes with ridership still lower than what it was pre-pandemic.

ST understands that all companies will have slightly different plans for the fare hikes.

Industry sources said only flag-down rates should be affected for normal taxis, with distance and time rates staying the same.

Fare hikes should kick in about a week after ComfortDelGro’s increase, on March 7 or 8.

Taxi fares have been deregulated since 1998, which means the PTC does not intervene in setting taxi and private hire car (PHC) fares.

Taxi and PHC operators have to inform PTC of its fare increases so that prices remain transparent and commuters know the additional charges that may be levied when they hire a taxi.

"This allows demand and supply for such services to be matched efficiently based on prevailing market conditions, while spurring operators to improve their service offerings and to maintain competitiveness in their fares," PTC said.

ST has reached out to the various taxi operators for comment.