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Bad curry should be poured down the drain? Don't do that, says HDB

So the curry may have been bad, but please don’t pour the gravy down the sink.

That was the message from the Housing Board, in a Facebook post on Saturday (Feb 5).

HDB was obviously taking a dig at the New York Times recipe for chicken curry that looked nothing like the local version, and possibly at the many who expressed outrage as well.

The dish called “Singaporean Chicken Curry” was demonstrated in an Instagram video by a contributor from Taiwan, Ms Clarissa Wei.

HDB's illustration even included the pandan leaves and star anise the recipe called for.

HDB was also trying to send some advice across at this time of the year when a lot of food is prepared and a lot thrown away.

“Grease and oil can clog your pipes, which is never a good look. Instead, pour it in a lidded container and dispose as trash,” HDB said.

But that set off another discussion - about plastic.

“No choice, no ntuc plastic bag, it’s either the sink or directly inside the rubbish chute,” said one comment.

This was another: “Lidded container? Plastic Bag? Please think of a better waste disposal method. Actually, we don't want to use plastic bag when we buy groceries. However... we have no choice but to pay 10cents/20cents for the plastic bag. Because at the back of our mind, how do we dispose this ‘bad curry’."

One had this suggestion: “You need a better ‘food waste’ disposal system in your HDB flats... that could directly process these food waste into fertilizer or something. And tell the relevant authority to stop charging us for the plastic bags.”

Some did appreciate HDB’s timing and humour, with one calling the post “brilliant newsjacking”.

Others however were not done with dissing the dish.

“Longkang curry deserves to go into the longkang,” said one.

“Don’t follow that video, cook our own version of chicken curry, so that we don’t need to pour away the curry,” said another.

But hey people, how about just trying what Ms Wei demonstrated?

It may be nothing like local chicken curry, but it may be just as delicious.

And if you try it, please tell us how it turned out.