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Big ticket items in the past

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Initiative offering cash credits to upgrade the skills of all Singaporeans, whether they are in school, mid-career or in their silver years. It's estimated to cost the Government an average of $1 billion every year for the next five years.

MediShield Life

Lifelong basic health insurance for all Singaporeans, including those with pre-existing conditions.

Silver Support Scheme

Provides current and future low-income elderly Singaporeans with a cash top-up of between $300 and $750 to retirement incomes.

Baby Bonus Cash Gift and Child Development Account (CDA)

A CDA top-up of between $300 and $600 to Singapore children aged six and below was introduced.

This is on top of the additional $2,000 from Baby Bonus Plus and the extension of the cash gift to the fifth child and beyond, announced during the 2015 National Day Rally Speech.


Pioneer Generation Package

A bundle of healthcare benefits for Singaporeans born on or before Dec 31, 1949, and obtained citizenship on or before Dec 31, 1986. The package cost the Government $8 billion for special subsidies and other benefits including Medisave top-ups.


Wage Credit Scheme

From 2013 to 2015, the Government co-paid 40 per cent of employers' wage increases for employees earning up to $4,000 a month.It goes down to 20 per cent this year and next year.


Permanent GST Voucher

The voucher was meant to offset the 7 per cent Goods and Services Tax for lower- and middle-income households.


Workfare Income Supplement (WIS)

A one-time Workfare Special Bonus was announced. Low-wage workers would get 50 per cent more WIS for work done in 2010 and 25 per cent more for work done in 2011 and 2012.

In 2013, enhancements were also made to raise the income ceilings and the maximum payouts for those eligible for the scheme.

Special Employment Credit

Introduced as a one-off credit for employers who hire workers aged 55 and above.

In 2012, the scheme was extended as a five-year scheme to last until December this year.

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