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Burger King staff filmed shouting at employee said to have special needs

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A TikTok video showing a Burger King employee loudly reprimanding another staff member with special needs has riled up netizens who are calling for the fast-food establishment to take action.  

According to TikTok user "Izwan Delex", who posted the video on Thursday (Sept 15), the incident occurred at the Burger King outlet in ESR BizPark at Chai Chee on Tuesday night at 10pm.

"(I) saw this awful sight of an uncle reprimanding this autism / special (needs) staff loudly in a corner for at least 10 minutes while I was eating," he writes in the video caption.

“Had a tough time digesting my food because of what was happening.”

The video shows two men, both dressed in Burger King service staff uniform and cap. The older man appears to be berating the younger man, allegedly the staff member with special needs, about black trash bags used for the restaurant's rubbish bins.

"Many scoldings happened even before I decided to record this because I was upset," Mr Izwan adds. "Couldn't even eat in peace, it was louder in real life. Smh (shaking my head)."

The older man can be seen crushing and disposing of the trash bags as he lectures the young worker, before ordering him to do another task.

Mr Izwan goes on to note that "even the manager who was at the counter serving 'zero' customers didn't do anything about the loud scolding" and wonders if it is a common occurrence.

"I'm not here to get anyone fired. But please, change how you talk or handle situations like this (with) a special needs person."

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Netizens have been tagging Burger King Singapore's official TikTok account in the comment section, criticising the company's staff training on special needs inclusivity. 

"Not only to special needs, but don't be a (expletive) to anyone who is a (member of the) working class," said one commenter. 

TNP has contacted Burger King Singapore for comments.

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