Business Times' Weekend brings you a bounty of news this CNY, Latest Singapore News - The New Paper

Business Times' Weekend brings you a bounty of news this CNY

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The Business Times' (BT) Weekend magazine tomorrow looks at how more Singaporeans are turning to cosmetic surgery to look good, and why not all local surgeons are happy about it.

In Weekend Drive, get the skinny on the Volvo V40 Cross Country T4 and the Audi A4 Avant.

Over in Weekend Tech, feast your eyes on some of the best tech toys from CES 2017, from the Asus ZenFone AR to the LG Hub Robot.


As the Hongbao Draw next month beckons during the Chinese New Year season, this Saturday's Brunch feature in the main paper looks at our fascination with the lottery.

In this week's Disrupted column, find out how even the smallest of increments in innovation can transform the lives of the elderly for the better.

This week in the Cubicle Files, read about how bosses are learning that food rules the roost in local offices. If you want to keep 'em, feed 'em.

This weekend, BT Weekend also introduces a new column, Cult Status. It is dedicated to sharing with you some of the best products, services and experiences that BT has come across.

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