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Carefree boy captures hearts with void deck ‘water slide’

"This is just pure happiness," said a netizen. 

Indeed it is - the innocent joy of making up games and enjoying every minute of it was captured in a TikTok video posted on Friday (July 14) by a man who saw a boy walking to a void deck with a mop on his shoulder.

He then started mopping the floor.

At first, the TikToker who goes by the name Izzat.Reservoir.Dayak, thought the boy was cleaning up a mess he had made.

Then he realised that he was simply created a wide, wet and slippery area so he could slide around like a superhero.

He even did a “Naruto run”.

Naruto is a Japanese anime hero ninja with powers like super speed and superhuman strength. He often runs in his signature style with arms angled behind his body.


Genaration Alpha built different. The future is def bright for this kid ?

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Netizens were captivated by the boy’s actions, with the TikTok clip clocking more than 243,000 views so far.

He captured their own childhood nostalgia.

Said one commenter, "In the 80's, I always do this with my siblings whenever mak ask us to mop the living room floor. So much fun."

"Me and my mates used to skip school and play this in the dorms. We use soap so it was super slippery," said another.

Netizens also applauded his creativity.

"Eh smart sia why didn’t i think of this?" commented one viewer.

They also thought this ingenuity augurs well for his future.

"He knew what he wanted, what he needed to do, and he executed it! Happiness achieved!. This kid will go far. Future is bright," one person predicted.

The question now remains - did his mum miss her mop?