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Chiam See Tong steps down as leader of SPP

This article is more than 12 months old

Veteran opposition politician Chiam See Tong, 84, has stepped down from his leadership post at the Singapore People's Party (SPP), bringing to an end a storied political career spanning more than four decades.

He relinquished his post as secretary-general at the SPP's biennial Ordinary Party Conference yesterday evening.

The Straits Times understands Mr Chiam's name was not put forward during a vote for the party's new central executive committee (CEC) during the session at its headquarters in Sin Ming Drive.

His wife, Lina Chiam, 70, who is the party chairman, was among 12 members elected.

"Mr Chiam has given to politics for 40 years already, and I think it's time for him to have a rest. I think he has given all he can for Singaporeans," Mrs Chiam told reporters.

She said Mr Chiam, who did not attend the session, will remain as a party member.

"The meeting went on very amicably. Everybody was like a family, and we all voted consciously and happily."

The SPP's new CEC members include law undergraduate Ariffin Sha, 22, Mr Jose Raymond, 47, who heads a communications firm, and Mr Eman Lim, 39, director of corporate development in a training consultancy.

Mr Chiam last made a public appearance at the Chiam See Tong Sports Fund gala dinner in August. He was in a wheelchair and was unable to talk, but shook hands with attendees.

During the gala dinner, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong said Mr Chiam was a "well-meaning, decent and honest politician and Member of Parliament".

In a statement, the party said: "We are confident that the renewed party leadership will uphold the party motto of service before self and always have the best interests of Singapore and Singaporeans at heart."


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