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Class bully smacks and slaps classmates' head

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A Facebook video of what looks like a classroom with a student wearing Shuqun Secondary School's uniform bullying his fellow classmates has gone viral, enraging netizens.

In the original 52-second video posted by All Singapore Stuff, loud music can be heard playing in the background. 

One of the students is seen hitting and smacking his smaller classmate's head like a drum for about 17 seconds. 

At one point he went so far as to lift the boy's head and slapped him on his cheeks. 

The victim kept silent and tried to ignore the bully, who looked to be much bigger than him.

The bigger boy then picked up what looks like a school textbook, folds it and starts smacking his victim's head. 

He then turned his attention to the student on the side and smacked his head too.

There was also another boy standing on the teacher's table, 'dancing' to the music playing in the background.

Here is the original video post:


Small-sized secondary school students getting slapped and hit by class bully :O :O :O Will the school take action...

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Sunday, September 20, 2015

Throughout the the entire video, the other classmates seemed too afraid to stop the bigger boy.

There did not seem to be any teacher around at the time of the incident.

Within five hours of the video's posting, it had already garnered over 142,000 views.

TNP contacted the school but was told to send questions to the principal via e-mail.

Many parents who've seen this video are enraged and have shared the video to Ministry of Education's Facebook, calling for MOE to take action.

The ministry said on Facebook that it was investigating the matter.

MOE's reply to a netizen who shared the video on their official Facebook page. PHOTO: FACEBOOK SCREENSHOT  

Shuqun's principal Chia Hai Siang told The New Paper: "The school has investigated and is counselling the students involved. What might first begin as playfulness could potentially end up hurting others. The student involved has been counselled and he deeply regrets his actions.

"The school will continue to work with the students involved on observing appropriate boundaries and behaviour in the future. All parents of students involved have been informed of the actions taken by the school. 

"The school takes all incidents of bullying seriously and has anti-bullying programmes to educate our students and dedicated Character and Citizenship Education lessons to help our students deal with such incidents."

There were many comments on the video saying that MOE should bring back punishments such as public caning:

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