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Elderly woman sells chicken from bicycle to earn extra cash

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Seems it's affecting business for other poultry sellers in the area

One elderly woman has resorted to selling poultry from her bicycle to supplement her allowance from her son. 

The woman, who is in her 80s, runs her mobile stall five times a week in the northern part of Singapore, according to a report by 8world last Saturday (Feb 25). 

Speaking to a reporter from 8world about her financial situation, she said: "I have many children, but some of them aren't working so they don't give me any money."

Though she has been offered help by some passers-by to apply for financial assistance, she has refused. 

Said the elderly woman: “Earning some extra money from selling chicken is enough, I don't need help.”

Regarding the chicken she sells, she told the Chinese media outlet that they “come directly from a [chicken] supplier” whose contact she obtained while previously working as a cleaner at a poultry farm. 

She keeps her supplier’s name card with her so that she can verify the origin of her supplies when the need arises. 

When asked by 8world about her sales, she said does not “overcharge” her customers, adding that she earns about “one or two dollars per bag”. 

She sells a bag of kampung chicken drumsticks for between $13 and $17, and a bag of regular chicken drumsticks for $12.

Her 'business' has even earned her loyal customers, who come all the way from Ang Mo Kio and Hougang to purchase poultry from her. 

But she does not run her makeshift stall from the same spot, for fears of getting caught by the authorities.  

It seems a poultry seller in area says business has been affected because of her hawking.

According to 8world, a poultry seller at a nearby wet market is aware of the elderly lady selling chicken from her bicycle. 

The seller, known as Huang, said: “We haven't said anything to her and we don't want to disturb her, as she may be doing it to earn some extra cash.”

Under the Environmental Public Health Act, the hawking of food or other types of goods are not allowed without a licence issued  by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

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