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Family slept 'in fear' after using clothes hangers to 'lock' faulty hotel room door in Johor

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A Singapore family had to sleep with one eye open while vacationing in Johor last weekend, after they realised their hotel room door couldn't be locked. 

Lawrens Tan, 44, along with his wife, daughter and domestic helper, drove across the Causeway on Thursday (April 6) and stayed at the popular KSL Hotel & Resort, located in the heart of the city centre.
After enduring a five-hour traffic jam, the family managed to check in only at 10pm. 

Speaking to AsiaOne, Tan said he was shocked to find that he could open his hotel room door simply by turning the knob – instead of having to use the key card.

He immediately raised the issue to hotel staff, but no one came to fix the faulty door lock.

Tan then decided to wing it, using clothes hangers to “lock” the door, and even leaned an ironing board against it – something, he said, he learnt from social media.

"[My wife and I] didn't sleep well due to the fear for our safety," he said. "After breakfast the next day, we highlighted the issue again and the hotel took action."

"The lock was fixed in a few minutes, but I would think twice about staying in this hotel again."

On Sunday, he posted a TikTok video about his stay at the 4-star hotel.

@lawrenstan WHAT A BAD HORROR STORY STAYING AT KSL JB HOTEL. You do not need a key card. Just turn the knob and you can go in already and they said it's a deluxe room. Highlighted the issue immediately to the reception and all we got is find him then he said find another one. So no one came to rectify the entire night. We had to really try and use hangers as a safety precaution but of course had to be on alert the entire night. This is the 1st time we encountered this and hope it doesn't happen to anyone. I honestly think I will think twice again for this hotel. #tiktok #viral #fyp #kslresortsjb #horror #horrorstory #travel #traveltiktok #travellife #johorbahru #traveltok #traveltips #malaysia #malaysiatiktok #hotelmalaysia ♬ Oh no Oh no no no No - Okasansan08