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Father and son fined for disturbing public peace after fighting a youth

A businessman, 56, got into a dispute with a 20-year-old motorcyclist after a traffic-related incident, which escalated into a fight that also involved his son.

Azharin Abas, who runs an air-conditioner servicing business, was joined by his son in ganging up against Muhammad Khair Farish Khalid, the prosecution said.

Azharin was fined $2,500 on Dec 18, after he pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace by fighting in a public place. His son, Azhani Azharin, 26, who was then working as a service technician at his father’s business, was fined $1,000 after admitting to a similar charge.

Khair’s case is pending.

Khair was riding his motorcycle in Bedok North Avenue 1 and was about to make a right turn into a carpark at around 4pm on July 15 when Azharin honked.

According to Azharin, he honked because Khair had suddenly ridden past from his left side and cut in front of his van.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Eugene Phua said: “At this point, Azharin claimed that Khair pushed up his helmet visor and did a hand gesture, like ‘What?’, towards him.

“Azharin wound down his window and said to him in Malay, ‘Macam mana kau naik motor?’, which means ‘How do you ride your bike?’”

After parking his motorcycle, Khair noticed the van had followed him to the carpark.

Azharin stopped the van and told his son to remain in the vehicle as he wanted to talk to Khair.

DPP Phua told the court that Azharin confronted Khair and asked if he wanted to die by “riding so dangerously”.

“Khair rebutted and said that he was allowed to make a right turn. A verbal dispute ensued between the parties,” DPP Phua added. “This was when Azhani also exited the van. According to Azharin, Azhani told Khair not to be rude to him.”

An agitated Azharin hit Khair in the face once and the youth retaliated by punching him. Khair also punched Azhani who joined the ruckus.

This eventually led to a fight involving all three. At one point, Azhani managed to hold Khair down to prevent him from standing up. Azharin then lifted Khair’s head and hit it on the ground.

The DPP said: “Azharin further said to Khair that he (could stomp on) Khair’s face and kick Khair’s head, but since Khair is young Azharin gave him a chance and did not do it.”

A passer-by intervened and the fight ended soon after.

Khair went to Tan Tock Seng Hospital where he was found to have bruises on his face and chest. He was later given hospitalisation leave until July 19.

For disturbing the public peace by fighting, an offender can be jailed for up to a year and fined up to $5,000.

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