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Filling up e-transaction forms will now be easier than before

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A click of the button is all that is needed to automatically fill up e-transaction forms of locally registered businesses from next year.

This is happening as the Government extends the integration of its digital vault of personal data to the private sector.

GovTech, the government agency that oversees technology transformation in the public sector, launched the MyInfo Developer and Partner Portal yesterday. They provide commercial partners with the tools to use MyInfo, which allows users to auto-fill e-transaction forms online.

Launched last May, MyInfo pulls personal data, such as names, IC numbers and addresses, from public agencies.

It was initially rolled out for only a handful of e-transactions on some government portals, such as public housing and Baby Bonus scheme applications.

With MyInfo, users can do away with manually filling in online forms. Instead, MyInfo will auto-populate all form entries. The extension of MyInfo to the private sector will mean users can fill up e-forms for other commercial platforms such as telcos and utility companies.

GovTech said more than 100 businesses in the private sector such as telecommunications, utilities, banking and finance have expressed interest in MyInfo.

GovTech's government chief information officer Chan Cheow Hoe said: "With MyInfo made available to a wider range of business transactions, we can help remove the need to verify documents and even reduce time spent on face-to-face meetings." - LESTER HIO

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