Five hurt in Bukit Batok explosion

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An explosion rocked a factory dealing in bird's nest products at 20 Bukit Batok Crescent on Monday (Sept 11) injuring five workers and damaging several cars in the area.

It also caused a wall to collapse.

Madam Zuliana Mazlan, 35, a clerk at Evergreen Ice Cream located on the 11th storey of the industrial building, where ZTP Ginseng Birdnest is located, told The New Paper: "I was outside in the corridor having breakfast when I heard the explosion.

"There was a gas smell after that and we saw that Lavish Dine, which is the unit opposite Kwong Satay, was also damaged."

TNP was at the Singapore General Hospital and understands the sole casualty sent there was a burns victim.

The other four workers were rushed to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was alerted at around 11am.

Mr Lee Teck Nam, 64, told TNP: "I was working in the kitchen when I heard an explosion. I came out to take a look to see if anything had happened to my car. The glass was shattered.

Explosion at Bukit Batok factory

"Luckily, it was raining so people were indoors. Otherwise, more would have been injured.

Ms Daphne Zheng, who works at Heng Loong Building nearby, said she felt the building shake.

Ms Zheng, 36, said: "We didn't know what happened and we thought something had rammed into the building. The chairs and the door shook."

In a Facebook post, the SCDF said there was no fire and no one was trapped.

Explosion at Bukit Batok factory
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