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Foodcourt manager pays for steak pregnant woman craved

This must be the sweetest post on a Facebook group called Complaint Singapore. Just what you need to feel all aglow and Christmassy.

A pregnant user named Pamela Loh describes how a Kopitiam manager named Iqbal bought her what she was craving, a Pepper Lunch steak, and told her it’s on him.

She said she was at the VivoCity food court with no cash, though she had her phone and credit card on hand.

She tried to buy a Kopitiam card but found she needed cash for that.

She asked the manager if he could give her $20, and offered to transfer it to him by PayNow.

But instead of doing that, he told her to go ahead and order what she wanted.

And she did. From her picture it looks like a "Big Rib Eye Steak, which costs S$16.90 before a 10 per cent discount is applied to Kopitiam card payments”, Mothership said in a report on her post.

The manager then went over and tapped his own card to pay.

The user said she had already logged into PayNow and was waiting for the manager to give her his number.

But he waved her off.

And her gratitude was profuse, in word and emoji.

Others commenting on her post were also mostly full of praise for the manager.

One said he deserved a medal - and a raise - for the “complaint” made against him.

Others advised her to always take a small amount of cash, say $20, when going out.

Some found it particularly heartwarming that the woman and the manager appeared to be of different races.

You can read her full post here.