Gallop Stable fined 
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Gallop Stable fined 
$9,000 for animal cruelty

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Gallop Stable, which manages between 120 and 150 horses across three stables in Singapore, was fined $9,000 yesterday for cruelty towards one of its animals.

The company was convicted last month, after an eight-day trial, of failing to provide adequate veterinary attention to a 17-year-old chestnut thoroughbred mare at its Pasir Ris Green ranch on or before May 15, 2013.

This caused unnecessary suffering to the mare, named Sharpy.

The horse-riding provider, represented by its director Mani Shanker, is appealing.

A veterinarian from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) found Sharpy in poor condition when she paid an unscheduled visit to the Pasir Ris outlet on May 15 that year.

Sharpy was lying down, with its right hind leg about three times the normal size. It was also bobbing its head, trying to get rid of the flies buzzing around its eyes.

The vet - Dr Wendy Toh - advised the stable to seek immediate veterinarian attention.

The next day, another vet taught stable staff how to wash its wounds twice a day.

Two days later, Sharpy's condition seemed to have worsened when Dr Toh, visited the horse again.

It was lying down and there were maggots deep in its wounds.

When offered water and food, the horse drank non-stop for two minutes and ate continuously for up to half an hour.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Gabriel Choong Hefeng asked for the maximum $10,000 fine to be imposed.

He said there was a need for greater deterrence of such offences and for wrongdoers to be more severely punished.

Among the aggravating factors he cited in this case were the magnitude and long duration of Sharpy's suffering.

Gallop's lawyer Simon Tan, who asked that no more than a $5,000 fine be imposed, said his client was adamant on saving Sharpy despite veterinarian advice for it to be put down.

He said Gallop spent close to $16,000 in the treatment and care of Sharpy, which is healthy and still being owned by the stable.

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