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Great parade, and thanks for all the kaya toast

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This whole story is as Singaporean as it gets. As Singaporean as NDP. Or HDB. Or Ya Kun Kaya Toast. Or holding out for a better deal.

You would think the young woman who spoke to host Rishi Budhrani at the National Day Parade on Tuesday (Aug 9) had her 20 seconds of fame, and that would be it.

But it didn’t end there.

Asked what she was grateful for, social media influencer Nicole Liel had said: "I'm very grateful to HDB for giving me a BTO (Build-to-Order) queue number."

And… "Ya Kun Kaya Toast."

People loved it, with her lively response quickly becoming one of the talked-about moments of the NDP.

And if she was grateful, for the kaya toast, Ya Kun was too, for the shout out on TV.

The cafe chain got in touch and offered her 57 cups of kopi or teh, obviously one for each of the years Singapore was celebrating as an independent nation.

Great, but she didn’t let them go with just that.

The self-proclaimed "thick-skinned Singaporean" asked for an even better deal.

She wanted the Ya Kun Value Set A meal of kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs and coffee.

She got her wish.

And it looks like some of her followers are going to get it as well.

The 24-year-old, a former Night Owl Cinematics talent, said she would be giving away promo codes for 57 of the Value Set A meals.


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